This journey through the INTAPT Course has transformed me into a truly reflective practitioner. Every step of the course required assessment of self and the experience completed in order to produce information about the personal impact. It took a lot of discipline and effort to adopt this aspect to my routine but eventually it became something that is too invaluable to overlook. I have seen how approaching teaching and learning this way has produced desired results by contributing significantly to increased understanding of the processes involved.

The first week of the course was very heavy. Days were long with lots of new thoughts, ideas and other information to process. I wondered if it would have been it would easier to assimilate if say for example, the course part 1 was organized to run over two weeks. I thought it would have been less exhausting for me as it would allow time for processing and understanding the information before diving into the next. I realized however, that the course may have been organized this way so time period between the two parts allows learners to explore personal objectives and seek guidance and clarity as needed, before Part two. During this time the onus was on the learners to secure additional resources to satisfy needs for example. This is all in keeping with the mantra of learners taking charge of their personal learning goals and objective.

During this course I developed a new appreciation of the importance of multiple modalities for correspondence and communication. For instance, the wealth of course information on Quercus was well organized but, there were discrepancies between information located one area of the site versus another. Obtaining clarification was well facilitated however. If there was a delay in a response from an advisor there was the option of posting to the discussion board or directing to other advisors. Ultimately a timely response would be obtained and if posted to the discussion board, the response would edify all in the group.

The process of keeping and E-portfolio was frustrating for me. This was due to the fact that the site I chose did not offer support for navigating this process of creating an E-portfolio. A lot of hours was spent teaching myself to do this as I am not experienced in this area. There were lots of trial and errors and at one point I was brought to a haul with a notice saying I had to pay in order to proceed which I did. I sought guidance from library personnel but it seemed most persons who were familiar with WordPress, learned on their own. Consequently they could not assist with addressing some of the nuances I needed to circumvent. After much toil, I learned enough to create and adjust my E-portfolio and am very appreciative of having it. It does add a boost to one’s professional profile taking it to a higher level.

THE INTAPT Course is an intense one and appreciably so. It was great that example were provided of what is expected for each assignment. That made the unfamiliar much less daunting. I learned a lot about my own teaching and learning, thus equipping me to carve out my personal approach to it. I lived the connection between learning and the educational theories that underlie the approaches to teaching and learning. I am better having gone through this course and I am enamored to continue my thrust towards perfection of my teaching and learning.