Title  : Teaching and learning in the Clinical Setting

Author : Richard Hays

Publisher : Radcliffe Publishing Limited, Oxford, 2006.

ISBN :  1857757513

Number of pages  : 158

Price of book : CDN $40.44 (Amazon)

Overall rating : Good

Background : Richard Hays of Australian origin embarked on his medical education journey after being asked to teach and then realizing his great knowledge deficit regarding medical education. This has lead to his full time career in this field and.

Audience : Clinical teachers/educators especially in the primary care setting

Summary :  This book is a practical guide to daily clinical teaching and learning mainly in the primary care setting and geared towards medical students. The author examines the context of clinical teaching including the challenges that may occur. He then details the clinical teaching practice proper, using real examples to explain the key concepts and  summarizes the main points in tabular form. Lastly he explores the the importance of teachers being knowledgeable about the design and implementation of their curriculum. The significance and different methods of assessment and evaluation are detailed with practical examples. He also makes quite a clear distinction between assessment and evaluation and demonstrates the importance of differentiating these.

 Strengths : Language is quite simple without the overuse of medical jargons. The information is also well referenced with a mini glossary after each chapter. The authors use of relevant real scenarios makes the information quite relatable.

Weaknesses: The book is heavily geared towards teaching in the primary care setting and teaching of undergraduates. Some principles explored may not be extrapolatable as  there are too many other variables inherent to higher functioning and more complex institutions. Also the learning styles of postgraduate learners are quite different from those of undergraduates and so the teaching approach has be different.

Conclusion : Valuable information for clinical teachers especially in the primary care setting. Easy to read language style with well  illustrated ideas and main points.

Overall Rating : Good

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