• Title : Educational Diagnosis and Management of Challenging Learning Situations in Medical Education.
  • Authors: Miriam Lacasse
  • Publisher: Universite Laval, Faculte’ de me’decine, 2009
  • ISBN: 978-2-923778-00-6
  • Pages: 116
  • Price: CAD 29.95 (
  • Overall rating:Excellent
  • Background : Dr. Lacasse’s interest in challenging learning situations in medical education led to her conducting extensive literature review. She combined the information and proposed  this integrated assessment and intervention model.
  • Audience : Clinical teachers and educators
  • Summary : Recognising that educational problems affect up to ten percent of medical learners  during training, Dr. Lacasse presented this book as a faculty development tool for clinicians. The information is organized in a format familiar to all clinicians. It starts with a review of what signals potential problems in learners and categorises the aetiologies. It then moves on to establishing diagnoses and differentials before presenting the literature on management of these challenging learning situations. The book concludes with an integration of the discoveries in these three sections in order to present an all encompassing structured management approach framework. The information resonated with me as I could identify how imperative it is for clinicians to have this knowledge in order to fulfil our moral and professional obligations to those we teach and patients we serve.
  •  Pros :
    • Presents an unbiased approach to the determination of the causes of educational problems in learners by also highlighting aetiologies linked to the teacher, system and environment.
    • Advocates a very understanding and psychologically safe approach for learner intervention.
    • Written in simple language and presented in a logical and familiar sequence.
  • Cons : Disjointed arrangement as Tables/frameworks/models are separated from the related content and some are also long and wordy.
  • Conclusion : Excellent book with information that should be mandatory for all clinicians to read and be able to apply. Regardless of the level of our teaching involvement, we will encounter challenging learning situation(s) in our career. It is also not incredible that said situation could even be a self diagnosis.
  • Rating : Excellent

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