Designing Effective Simulation Scenarios for Health Educators

Tez Brown-Cotterell

Marilyn Simard

Aubrey Sozer

Submitted in INTAPT 2019-2020

Submitted to Dr. A. Ghavam-Rassoul and Dr. J. Peranson

March 4, 2020

Final Workshop Oultine

StartActivity FacultyMaterialsMins
8:32Icebreaker AubreyPoll EV1
8:33Pre testAubreyPoll EV3
8:36Objectives of workshopMarilynPowerPoint1
8:37Introduction to subjectMarilynPowerPoint & Video4
8:41Simulation TypesMarilynPowerPoint & Props2
8:43Application of simulationsMarilynPowerPoint1
8:44Interactive game benefits & challengesMarilynPowerPoint & Flip chart5
8:49Explain the workshopAubreyScenario worksheets4
8:53Recap of Pendelton’s modelAubrey-PowerPoint & Summary1
8:54Step 1. Talk & Discuss: Desired outcomes for simulation scenarioTez-PowerPoint -Scenario worksheet  -Feedback Model examples5
8:59Step 2. Talk & Discuss: Context for simulation scenarioTezPowerPoint5
9:04Step 3   a. Talk: Objectives of building scenarioTez-PowerPoint -Bloom’s taxonomy objective verbs handout6
9:10b. Group work: Objectives (make 2 objective, 1 objectives will be given to them)  Aubrey-PowerPoint -Scenario worksheet  -Bloom’s taxonomy objective verbs handout -Feedback Model examples15
9:25Step 4 a. Talk: Flow of the scenario Tez-Scenario worksheet  -Bloom’s taxonomy objective verbs handout -Feedback Model examples10
9:35b. Group work: Flow the Scenario (build flow based on scenario given)Aubrey-Scenario worksheet  -Bloom’s taxonomy objective verbs handout -Feedback Model examples25
10:00Break  15 
10:15Step 5. Talk: Back to the beginningMarilyn-PowerPoint -Scenario worksheet 1
10:16Step 6 a. Talk: Adding complexityMarilyn-PowerPoint -Scenario worksheet 2
10:18b. Group Work: Adding complexityAubrey-PowerPoint -Scenario worksheet 10
10:32Scénario AAubreyCompleted scenario A12
10:44Debrief Scenario AAubreyPlus/Delta12
10:56Scénario BAubreyCompleted scenario B12
11:08Debrief Scenario BAubreyPlus/Delta12
11:20Post-testAubreyPoll EV5
11:27Debrief and EvaluationsAllPowerPoint33