Title : The Physician as Teacher

Authors: Neal Whitman, Ed.D. and Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D..

Publisher: Whitman Assoc; 2 edition (July 1, 2007)

ISBN : 0-9647117-0-2

Pages: 275

Price: USD $5.89 (USED) – USD $62.31 (NEW) at AMAZON.COM.

Overall rating: VERY GOOD

Background : The authors produced this second edition to reflect changes in medical education while maintaining the purpose of helping physicians become better teachers. ”Doctor” derived from Latin means “to teach”, physicians teach a lot and “to teach is the learn twice”, are the three reasons proposed for physicians wanting to improve teaching ability.

Audience : Academic and Practicing Physicians

Summary : A two part book in which Part 1 presents the premise that teaching is a form of communication to be approached as the normal interpersonal type. Physicians are encouraged to apply the skills they already possess ,example, physician-patient communication skills. These are directly applicable to medical teaching skills. Part two presents the practical aspects of the book. I think this is the more useful part for us physicians seeking to improve our teaching skills. Here the application of the communication skills detailed in part one are described in the four methods of teaching presented ( lecture, group discussion, apprenticeship and preceptorship).

Pros :

  • Use of principles which are familiar to the audience
  • Use of many examples to substantiate the principles presented
  • Examples are well referenced
  • Written in simple language and for an introductory book does have a wide expanse of relatable information

Cons : I did not find any drawback with this book. The more advanced teacher may find this only a refresher however.

Conclusion: Very good book with information that is important for all clinicians to read and  apply. This is so as readers are taught how to construct the most suitable approach to the different methods of teaching.

Rating : Very Good.

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